Destination 2024

Emilie Cole  |  January 9, 2024

Destination 2024

Happy 2024! 

Here we go, friends! Another year! As you look forward, how are you feeling about the blank slate ahead? Are you marching toward any significant milestones? Awaiting a big birthday or a baby or a new job? A special vacation or celebration? What makes you smile as you look ahead?

For the first time in several years I have vacations (plural) plotted on my calendar and it feels GOOD. Making time for myself and my children is more important than ever. Bonus: they are at fantastic ages where we're ready to tackle more adventurous destinations than our pre-Covid Disney days as tots (such beloved memories!). 

It's a funny thing, living in Vacationland. When summer hits, residents don't want to leave because we wait all year for the warm weather, long days and the abundance of outdoor activities. So we're going to keep our calendar stacked in the shoulder seasons exploring elsewhere, and our agenda open and anticipation high for appreciating peak summer when it arrives.

I'd love to hear what's on your bucket list this year! If it might include a visit or potential relocation to or within Maine, please allow me the pleasure of showing you around — and treating you to my favorite sip or bite in Maine to talk possibilities. 


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