How to Prepare Your Falmouth Foreside Home for Sale

Emilie Cole  |  March 28, 2022

How to Prepare Your Falmouth Foreside Home for Sale

The quaint suburb of Falmouth and in particlar, the coastal area of Falmouth Foreside, located just north of Portland, Maine, overlooks the Atlantic Ocean and attracts visitors and prospective buyers alike with its charm and seaside views. If you’re looking to sell your Falmouth Foreside real estate, there are some things you should do to get your home ready so that you get the greatest possible return on your investment.

Prepare your Falmouth Foreside home for sale

Make any necessary repairs

Being in a cold climate and right on the coast means that there may be some wear and tear on your house. Pavement, such as a driveway or a walkway to the front door, can become cracked as water freezes between tiles and then expands. Salty air from the ocean can rust metal on the exterior of the house. Salt air corrosion can also increase the rate at which wood decays.

Check to see if you have anything like cracked pavement, chipped paint, rusted metal, or decaying wood, and then have them fixed or replaced. Although these issues are common for real estate near the ocean, they can make the house look unpresentable. Make sure your Falmouth Foreside real estate has all the necessary repairs to make the house look brand new. A house that looks newer will sell for more than if it had these problems.

Increase the property value before you sell

There are plenty of things within your control that you can do to increase the property value of your Falmouth Foreside real estate before you sell. At the very least, it’s important for the home to look clean and presentable. Before any showings or open houses, schedule a cleaning service that will give the house the feeling and appearance of being brand new to any potential buyers.

Beyond that, consider a change in the interior design of your home. If you have lived in the same home for a decade or more, it is easy to become used to the way it looks and not realize that the furniture or the overall look of the interior has become dated. Updating the furniture, the location of the furniture, and the color palette of the house can completely change a buyer’s perception of it.

Try a more modern or minimalist look to appeal to younger buyers. Or go with a cottage or modern farmhouse look that would perfectly match the area, being so close to both the ocean and forests. I strongly suggest consulting with an interior designer or professional home stager before putting your Falmouth Foreside real estate on the market.

A more expensive but potentially more profitable way to increase your home’s value is with a renovation. This can be anything from adding an island in the kitchen to a new wing to the house. Projects like these can be more expensive and time-consuming, but adding square footage to your Falmouth Foreside real estate is one of the most surefire ways to make sure the property value skyrockets. People often buy real estate with plans to make renovations to the house themselves. Making these renovations before you sell will ensure that these buyers will be willing to pay well and buy soon.

Sell when the property is most in demand

It can be difficult to get the lay of the land for a real estate market that is in such a small town. With so few listings, statistics like median home sold value and median home listing value can be heavily skewed by just one new listing and can therefore be unreliable. In order to get a greater return on your investment, you want to sell when your home is most in demand. A seller’s market is one in which there are more people looking to buy real estate in a certain area than there are properties available. Prospective buyers have to compete with each other for limited amounts of real estate, which drives the prices up.

Falmouth Foreside is a highly desirable community to live in, so the probability of having multiple interested parties is high. The best way to go about listing and fielding these potential offers is by working with a local real estate agent.

Work with the right partner

If you’re ready to start the process of selling your Falmouth Foreside real estate, contact a trusted and knowledgeable real estate agent. They know the local area and how to sell seaside property to get you the greatest possible return on your investment. They will be able to inform you about the local market and when your home would be most valuable.

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