When it clicks

Emilie Cole  |  January 29, 2024

When it clicks

Every real estate transaction is different with a unique set of challenges. The location, the condition of the home, sensitivity around the reason for selling or buying, financial considerations, time of year, or just the general pressure of making the biggest transaction of your life (!) are a few of the reasons for racing hearts, second thoughts or a flare of emotions. 

That's all totally normal and why I feel like so much of this profession and process is about people and relationships. I am here for you at every step- however stressful - to listen, to offer options, to support you (with hugs and high fives), to get it done.

With so many variables, it's a wonder when things go smoothly. Like, serendipitously smooth. 

Or as both sides remarked on this recent transaction: We felt like we were in a Hallmark movie!

B&L toured 8 homes with me on a Friday morning just before Christmas, ranging in price, age, amenities and location. One, in particular, caught their eye: "I'll really have to be blown away to consider it," B exclaimed.

"Oh no!" we all exclaimed as we walked in. Yup, blown away.

Listed by the broker seller, there was a personal touch from the start learning about the home from the owner. She pointed out her favorite parts of the home and highlighted recent renovations. The home was warm and aglow with holiday decor. It was impeccably decorated and clean. Soft music was playing. She joked that she wished we could stay for mimosas and breakfast, and we did, too! We loved the home and we loved her. 

We continued on with the rest of the busy day, B&L carefully considering each option but their hearts were already moved in to that other special property. When you know you know! 

An offer was written and accepted within 24 hours in the most cordial and considerate fashion, including the addition of furnishings! At closing, the sellers gifted me a sweet Serendipity sign and my buyers, Hallmark movie t-shirts. Awwww.

Sold: 173 Ferry Road, Saco - 1.450m

Images courtesy Tina Richardson, Keystone Real Estate


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